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Original Pilot: "What Am I Good At?"

Late Night Packet: The Late Late Show with James Corden

Sketch Packet: Saturday Night Live

The Huffington Post

"Pretty Please Let These Be Hillary Clinton's Cabinet Appointees" (for The Second City Network)

"An Improviser's Guide to Valentine's Day" (for The Second City Network)

"11 Ways to Survive Chicago's Polar Vortex" (for The Second City Network)

The Second City Network

"Happy St. Patrick's Day From The Year 2019" (March 2017)

"The Second City's Second Takes: March Madness Edition" (March 2017)

"Play 'Banned at the RNC Bingo!'" (July 2016)

"Parts of My Body That Look Like the Donuts I Eat" (June 2016)

"Cabinet Appointees Hillary Clinton Could Really Not Go Wrong With" (May 2016)

"Be Funnier in Bed" (May 2015)

"Birthday Wishes for Chicago from The Second City" (March 2015)

"Lent for Improvisers" (February 2015)

"The 15 Best Lists of All Time" (June 2014)

"Are They Your BEST Friend? The Quiz!" (June 2014)

"8 Things to Overlook About Spring" (March 2014)

"An Improviser's Guide to Valentine's Day" (February 2014)

"11 Ways to Survive the Chicago Polar Vortex" (January 2014)

"New Year's Eve Dos and Don'ts for Single Girls" (December 2013)

"What to Expect If You're a Short Improviser" (December 2013)

"Happy Thanksgiving from The Second City" (November 2013)

"A Love Letter to Norm Holly" (November 2013)


"Forgotten Heroes: Black Cowboys" (April 2017)

"I Haven't Had A Period In 10 Years" (April 2017)

"I Was Dumped By My Personal Trainer" (April 2017)

"This 6-Part Mystery Feels Like 'Dateline' Meets 'The O.C.' & We're Obsessed" (September 2016)

OMG Facts

"How Much Stuff Could The 'Blank Check' Kid Buy Today?" (May 2017)

"Science Can Tell You What Allergies You Have Based On Your Birthday" (December 2016)

"Will The Mystery of Van Gogh's Ear Ever Be Solved?" (November 2016)

"Even The Smithsonian Has To Use Kickstarter" (October 2016)

"Former First Ladies Who Were Just As Nasty As Hillary" (October 2016)

"We Need To Talk About How Amazing 7-Elevens In Japan Are" (September 2016)

RedEye Chicago

"The Second City: How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Trump’s America"

"The Second City's (Mostly Terrible) Reasons to Vote on Election Day"

"Some Folks Should Follow One Direction and Take a Good, Long Hiatus (Cough, Trump)

"Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Fire Burning

"10 Definitively Sexiest Neighborhoods in Chicago"

"The 5 Stages of Grieving Hot Doug's Closing"


"Chicago: Second City All-Stars"