fantastic super great nation numero uno

"Take, for example, the experienced Julie Marchiano, who reminds me very much of Julia Sweeney and Judy Tenuta and whose intense, highly reactive work always stays in the present tense."

"Joshi, Marchiano and Tien Tran all have fast minds and, along with Klein, they know how to take down 'The View.'"

"Although it has a fine collection of hilarious short sketches, the best being Ivanka-fueled, this is a big-laughs show that takes the long view of our alleged moment of transition to Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno."

---Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"And while some of the humor is decidedly on the pre-pubescent, fart joke level, there also is enough that is right on target, including an extended sketch about the differences in the way males and females (in separate classrooms) are taught about the opposite sex and the terms they use for various anatomical parts. A sharper piece considers the threat to women’s sexual health and abortion."

---Chicago Sun Times

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A red line runs through it

"Though I dislike watching Second City shows with an eye to who will be scouted by “Saturday Night Live,” I'd keep an eye on brassy Julie Marchiano, who's got a screwball Megan Mullally energy..."

---Hank Sartin, Crain's Chicago Business

"Sure, some jokes are a just plain funny, like Beasley struggling through an exercise video while the spunky Julie Marchiano replies with automated messages of encouragement. (“I’m dying!” Beasley cries. “Way to go!” answers Marchiano.)...It’s encouraging to see that the next generation of sketch comedians is looking more like the Beasleys and Bullocks and Marchianos. We need more performers who bring a fresh perspective..."

---Brianna Wellen, Chicago Reader

"...Julie Marchiano, the wacky latter of which acts mostly like the love child of Tina Fey and Liza Minnelli."

---Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"...I’m all-in on the Dratchian weirdness being served up by e.t.c newcomer Julie Marchiano."

---Tom Lawler, The Fourth Walsh

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